K-litter 2017

We are very happy to present here the 9 puppies of our Lotte from the litter in October 2017.


 (Images by Joachim Heinrich)

Puppies after one week 2017

Here is a small selection of Lottes descendants this year


 (Images by Joachim Heinrich)

Puppies after 6 weeks 2017



 (Images by Joachim Heinrich)

Our beautiful Lotte...


Our love for Africa


With Lotte on the beach

The proximity to the Baltic Sea and the beautiful beach allows Lotte, there really "let off steam" ...

Puppy photos 2011


Lotte and the horses


Photos of Kuno born in 2016

Johannes, alias Kuno

Photos of Mia born in 2016

Johanna, alias Mia

Ultrasound images

We expect the puppies from the mating with Azizi 2017. Lotte as a mother in spe is already looking forward to her puppies, which she expects on 26 October 2017.


Lotte is doing very well in the circumstances.


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